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15+ Years of Experience
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Specialized Inspections of Your Properties from a Certified Professional Inspector

The properties you manage have many needs. Whether you're in need of Quality Control Inspections or other specialized inspections, we are here for you. Our Certified Specialized Inspections are geared toward specific systems and components in a home, such as the Exterior System as a whole, Decks, Roof Coverings, Exterior Cladding, Moisture Intrusion through Building Components, Storm Damage, and more

Receive Professional Repairs on Your Properties

With over 15 years of experience repairing & restoring homes and creating custom works of art for our clients, we have the "eye for detail" and the knowledge to professionally and properly care for the properties you manage.

Get a Complete Picture of the Condition of Your Property

We are here to provide you with the service and care you need when it comes to maintaining your properties. We will listen to your needs, assess the concerns and provide you with a detailed repair plan, specific to each property.

Thorough Communication

Communication is a key ingredient to our process. We provide prompt and detailed communication to keep you informed throughout the entire project.

The Details Matter

It's all in the details! Details are of utmost importance, which is why we are focused on the minute details of our inspections and repair projects.

Complete Property Assessments

After completing a thorough assessment of your property, we provide you with a thorough assessment report that details our findings with thorough explanations and photos.

High-Quality Repairs

Repairs that will last a lifetime. We will repair your home better than we repair our own homes, that's how much we care about repairing & restoring your home.

Let's Get Started

How can we help? Let’s start by meeting each other and discussing what your property needs are. We have an Easy Repair Plan that will help you.

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