A Roof Warranty Plan for a Lifetime of Protection

The roofing industry’s most comprehensive lifetime limited warranty.

As wise consumers, we learn to investigate the warranties on items that we buy. We look at the length of the warranty, what it covers, and what it doesn’t cover. Yet, despite all of these warranties, we have primarily become a disposable society. When the television breaks, it is easier to replace with a new one than to fix the old – we do that with so many things.  We don’t expect anything to last for more than a few years, let alone a lifetime.

The same is true in how we roof our homes. Asphalt roofs and other conventional materials begin to fail the moment they are exposed to the elements. Granule loss and inexpensive “filler” materials ensure homeowners a temporary roof in need of replacing within 12 to 20 years. While conventional roofing materials carry long-term warranties, consumers find that the warranties are heavily pro-rated and have many exclusions. When their roof does need replacement, there is minimal or no coverage available to them.

Our products and technology are proven.

Classic Metal Roof Warranty Details

Classic Metal Roofing Systems is pleased to offer the industry’s most comprehensive roof protection:

We provide a warranty on this level and coverage because our products and technology are proven. In over 35 years of roofing thousands of homes across the world, Classic Metal Roofing Systems has had only a handful of warranted claims. We are proud of that track record and are committed to setting new standards of excellence for years to come.

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