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We understand and feel your pain when it comes to searching for the right person to work on and in your home or place of business. Managing asphalt roofing projects, either large or small, can be very time-consuming and exhausting. Whether you need someone you can trust to manage an asphalt roofing project that you’ve already started, or you need a Qualified Professional to organize, set-up, and manage a metal roofing project for you, we are here for you.

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Asphalt Roofing Services

Storm Damage Insurance Replacement

We are here to take care of your asphalt roof restoration needs with top-quality roof replacements and repairs, and will guide you through the overwhelming insurance claims process. With over 12 years of roofing experience, we install the best asphalt roofing systems in the Twin Cities.

Retail Replacement & Upgrades

Looking for a new or upgraded asphalt roofing system to protect your home? With the best products from the top manufacturers like GAF & Certainteed, you can be confident that your roofing system is the highest quality. We don't cut corners, and adhere to all local building code requirements. Other great upgrade options include Synthetic Roofing and Metal Roofing.

Insurance Claims Processing

The insurance claims process can be stressful. At The Expert Co., our experienced claims team goes to work to ensure the deductible you pay covers everything that was damaged in the storm by providing thorough inspections of your entire roofing system and the exterior of your property. We help you through the entire process from initial claim generation to completion.

High-Quality Roofing Service

Did you know there are many parts and pieces that complete a roof system? From roof sheathing to flashing to underlayments to shingles to accessories, a roof system requires multiple items to keep your home moisture-intrusion free. We scrutinize every detail during a roof system replacement and provide full-time onsite project management to make sure your roof system is completed correctly the first time.

High-Quality Roofing Products

With the multitudes of roofing products available in today's market, it can be difficult to know which products are tested and proven to be the best. With our vast experience and education, we choose to work with only a couple roofing manufacturers that provide the best products and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Our service pricing varies depending on the service & products requested. Let us know what service you’re needing us to provide and we can discuss pricing in more detail. Let's Schedule a Free Consultation

Do you offer financing?

Yes we do offer financing. Applying for financing can be completed at the time a proposal is provided.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept credit cards, Apple pay, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo and Check payments.

How long do projects usually take?

Project timelines can range from a couple days to 3 months. Each project duration varies depending on scope of repairs, materials chosen, material shortages, insurance process, weather delays, etc.

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How can we help? Let’s start by meeting each other and discussing what your property needs are. We have an Easy Repair Plan that will help you.

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