Great American Steel Shake

Think for a moment about all that your roof should provide for your home: Protection, Value, Beauty, Energy Efficiency. Does your roof accomplish these things? Many homeowners, when they really think about their roof, discover that they have a 21st century home with a mediocre 20th century roof.

Great American Steel Shake was developed using today’s most advanced technology. Due to its thoughtful design and engineering, Great American Steel Shake offers homeowners a lifetime roofing option with revolutionary paint systems for increased beauty and energy efficiency.

Evaluating Your Next Roof

As you approach a decision concerning your next roof, it is important to evaluate what you would like to achieve with that roof. Let us look at some of the criteria you might consider.


A roof provides “shelter from the storm”, as it lies most vulnerable to all extremes of weather, including temperatures both high and low, UV rays, wind, rain, snow, and ice. Common roofing materials like asphalt shingles, tile, and polymer products are heavily impacted by the sun’s rays and extreme weather conditions.

Great American Steel Shake utilizes top-quality, G90 galvanized steel, along with Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based finishes to resist even the harshest environments. It is warranted to withstand winds up to 120 mph, and to never leak due to hail of any size.


Many of the building materials used today have evolved to offer greater benefits to homeowners than they did twenty, fifty, or one hundred years ago. However, with roofing, most homeowners are still choosing the same products they always have, products that are failing at an even more rapid rate. While traditional roofing materials may restore home value when they are new, they quickly lose that value as they age.

Great American Steel Shake is an evolved roofing solution, with a life expectancy that far exceeds that of traditional roofing materials. Its proven durability and fade and chalk resistance adds lasting value to any home.


While few homeowners would opt to have the same siding, windows, or doors as their neighbors, they often choose the same roofing material without considering other options. On average, a roof composes 60% of a home’s exterior. A beautiful metal roof distinguishes the home from the rest of the neighborhood.

An industry-leading aesthetic warranty and proprietary paint finishes ensure this beauty lasts. Great American Steel Shake transforms a home’s exterior and makes it a joy pulling in the driveway.

Energy Efficiency

Great American Steel Shake’s UV-reflective coatings and integral air gap between each shingle and the roof deck dramatically reduces the transfer of summer heat into your home, saving homeowners up to 25% on their summer cooling costs.

Any roof system should be installed in conjunction with proper attic ventilation for increased energy efficiency, moisture mitigation, and, in northern climates, ice dam prevention.  A variety of ventilation systems are compatible with Great American Steel Shake, offering the flexibility to build the best solution for any home.

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